what are your thoughts on caitriona’s oscars appearance?

From the minute she posted the story with the Oscars invitation it was evident that the past week was something that Caitriona has actively wanted and worked hard for. She was so excited she shared details. The literal envelope… and boy has she pushed the envelope. But at what cost? At what personal cost?

The saying be careful of what you wish for must be resonating so strongly right now for Caitriona. It seems that the dream to walk the red carpet and be in the audience at the Academy Awards has been realised. The price for admission to the pinnacle of awards week is evident. Caitriona looked beautiful, but cold. Her joy was hollow. There was none of the warmth and light in her eyes. There was no support for her nearby. He hid. And lurked as he always does.

The passive aggressiveness of this man is something to behold. He doesn’t give her the respect of seeming interested in her, AT ALL.

This was work for Caitriona. To be seen at the Oscars, to network. The Oscars are all about fashion and grooming. Looking your absolute best. For both men and women. But not for the PA. No!

This was a man who didn’t even wash his hair! Who did not think wearing the regulation tux was worth it. A man who makes it very clear that everything to do with Caitriona’s professional life is a chore.

But then again I suppose you get what you pay for. Second rate, second best. He clearly wasn’t able to negotiate a better contract, because as we have seen his professional life is littered with failure.

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