Love Maril as a host! And I liked the round table concept. In another note. Was that cait cuddled up to sam bts during s4 taping? Certain finance must be super understanding!

Me too, I thought it was cute! and yes, yes that was Cait.  LOL! Can you imagine?  You’ve been together in some capacity for four years now, never make eye contact or smile at each other in public, he cares more for his phone than the fact that your name was just called at the GG’s, he thinks being at the Oscars with you is a grind and he’ll be glad when it’s all over…but he’s okay that you never speak his name but you can’t stop with the ‘Sam and I’, or with the fact that you can’t keep your hands off your handsome costar …the one you get naked with at work and have told the world that you share common life values, work ethic, taste in music, sports, and TV, and a kindergarten level sense of humour. What dolt of a spouse would not see the red flags here?  I just can’t with this joke of a narrative anymore. hahaha!  Honestly, is it wrong that I pray for it all to end after Season 6?

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