ladyviolethummingbird:Mint & Thistles 🌿🍃🌷Chapter 31 – Old Sins Cast Long ShadowsEmerging from…


Mint & Thistles 🌿🍃🌷

Chapter 31 - Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

Emerging from the darkness during a storm, Jamie has unexpectedly shown up at Claire’s cottage. How did he find her and what does he want? 🌿🍃🌷


Thank you to the lovely @jack-andthestalk for her help with this chapter 😘 We’re finally at the explanation stage - I know some of you had this picked right from the start! Next chapter is well underway so hopefully not too long to wait for what’s next. Thank you so much for reading and for all your comments - I read them all (several times!). And finally, in these uncertain times I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Hopefully this can be a minor distraction from the not-so-fun news each day. Take care xx 💕

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