mama I’m scared. I’m 70+++ and have respiratory issues. I’m staying away from crowds, at home, doing all that is recommended, but I wonder if I haven’t done enough to sanitize, wash hands etc. I feel dispensable, not worth making an effort for by the system in case of shortages in equipment or hospital care if needed.

Oh…😢 Darlin’. Such a scary time. You’re in the States I assume? Staying home and washing your hands, avoiding crowds, all those things they tell us to do…if you’re doing that then that’s good. We have two confirmed cases here who are isolated in their homes but nothing in the hospital yet. Elective surgeries are cancelled until further notice and people aren’t being held unless absolutely necessary. So the patients who are still there are the sickest, for non-Covid reasons, and the visitor restrictions leave them alone with their thoughts for too much of the day. I have seen the fear in someone’s eyes as they say what you’re saying and I don’t have an answer for them either except that we need to take this one day at a time, each do our part, and we will get through it together. Can you do online ordering and grocery delivery? Or is there someone…family or a neighbour nearby to help? No one is dispensable. Everyone is worth fighting for. If you feel that your government doesn’t feel this way, know that your doctors and nurses do. I send you love and strength Anon. Reach out again and let us know how you’re doing. These are scary times and no one needs to be alone. ❤️❤️😘

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