do you do outlander fanfiction?

Hi there @serenaparry! Thanks for the ask! I apologize for the late answer.

I‘ve written Outlander fanfiction before, but I’ve never really thought that qualifies me as a fanfic writer lol. I’ve done some one-shots and some drabbles. And I still have a prompt to complete for @gastairfad (which is still forthcoming, I swear xD). If you’d like to read what I’ve written, you can find them HERE!

And, if I may, here are some other recommendations if you’re looking for great Outlander fanfic:

  • All the ones I’ve loved and reblogged can be found HERE.
  • @notevenjokingfic is like the Godmother of Outlander fanfic on here. If there’s a new author, story, or chapter posted from basically anyone, you’ll find her reblogging it. Not to mention she’s a fan-freaking-tastic writer herself and you should check out her stuff (if you go to her sidebar, she has masterlists for her stories)
  • @imagineclaireandjamie is the stuff of Outlander fanfic prompt dreams. You want to see Jamie x Claire (and the other characters, of course) in a different scenario? They’ve probably already done it. Can’t find it in their archives? Send them a prompt and they’ll write it for you! This is the account every fandom wished they had.
  • @thelallybrochlibrary helps people find certain fics that they lost the link for or just can’t quite remember the name of. A fanfic resource for all!
  • And finally, @gotham-ruaidh is the OG of the OG Outlander fanfic writers. We bow down.

Enjoy your fanfic adventures, @serenaparry


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