Prompt: Whisky Galore!

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What had been a quiet, joyful post-wedding celebration at the Grey home quickly turned a bit more raucous once the group drove the short distance to the Firouz/Beauchamp home for a nightcap.

“Careful.” Jamie, resplendent in a kilt and waistcoat, pushed the decanter of whisky toward the center of Lamb’s kitchen table. “I cannae have ye spill this all over yerself.”

Claire, radiant in a gray dress Brianna had helped pick out, shook her head and sipped her Laphroaig. “Are you implying that I’m intoxicated?”

He shrugged. “I dinna want ye to ruin that dress. Ye’ll be keeping it, aye?”

She nodded, squeezing his hands, running her thumb over his new wedding ring.

“I can’t believe this, Jamie.”

Classic rock-and-roll music floated from the living room - Lamb must have booted up the ancient hi-fi system she’d grown up with.

He raised her hands to his lips, and kissed both of her wedding rings - his mother’s ring, from so long ago, and the new ring he’d so happily put on her other hand this afternoon, with their daughter and family proudly in attendance. Brianna and Lamb had insisted on being the official witnesses.

“Well, Claire - ye better believe it. Ye’re stuck wi’ me, for good this time.” He sobered, watching her intently. “I hope I will never give you reason to regret it.”

Her heart clenched. “You won’t. You couldn’t.”

“Hey!” Fez poked his head around the door. “Lamb is doing the mashed potato. I haven’t seen this in years.”

Jamie stood, and held a hand out to Claire. She stood, gripped his hand, and followed Fez to the living room.

As advertised, Dr. Quentin Lambert Beauchamp was boogying up a storm - with John and Isobel dancing together in the corner, and Brianna doubled over with laughter on the couch.

“My God, he’s nimble,” Jamie breathed.

“He’s always had this wild streak, believe it or not.” Claire squeezed her husband’s hand. “But he does a good job of keeping it down.”

“Ah! The newlyweds!” The song over, Lamb mopped his brow and hunched over a bit, chest heaving. “Come on - what’ll it be?”

“Shouldn’t you be sitting down?” Claire asked, half-joking, yet still concerned.

“I feel like I’m twenty-five again!” Lamb exclaimed. “It’s been such a lovely day, hasn’t it?”

“The best,” Jamie agreed. “I can never repay ye the hospitality you showed me - you and Fez both - helping me to dress, and giving me the kilt. You really made it so special.”

“Consider it our gift to you.” Fez flipped through the records, pulled one out, and set it on the turntable. “Lamb, dearest - you know I love you, but let’s bring it down a bit.”

John raised an eyebrow at the opening chords. “Ritchie Valens?”

We Belong Together,” Fez explained. “Apropos for today, no?”

Jamie was no dancer, but he held Claire tight, gaze locked on hers, swaying to the music along with John and Isobel, and Brianna and Fez, while Lamb sipped his whisky from his favorite armchair.

“I swear by everything I own, you’ll always be mine,” Jamie quietly sang along with the song. So grateful to be alive.

“Yes, we belong together - for eternity,” she sang back to him, heart so full.

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