Happiness is………?

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Three Years Later

John Grey capped the tube of sunscreen and passed it back along the line.

“Thank you again,” Isobel smiled at Fez, who placed the tube back in the tote bag between his and Lamb’s feet on the grass.

“I always bring it,” Fez smiled, fanning his sweating face, “Because someone always forgets and ends up looking like a lobster.”

“Hey, I’m sitting right here, you know.” Lamb shook his head, shaded beneath an enormous straw hat Brianna had given him for his last birthday. 

On Lamb’s other side, Dr. Claire Fraser snorted. "At least if someone passes out from heatstroke, we’ll be ready. Jamie’s got some bottles of water and ice packs in our bag.”

Lamb squinted over at his niece, and the respectably sized tote bag between her and her husband’s feet. “I’d be surprised if you didn’t have something in there.”

Jamie leaned in a bit, balancing sixteen-month-old Robbie Fraser on his knees. “I didna understand at first how such a small bairn could need so many things, Lamb - but it took just one trip wi’ the small bag to convince me.”

Robbie - as flame-haired as his father - cooed, and Claire opened her arms to her son. Her surprise. Her and Jamie’s miracle. 

She adjusted Robbie’s sun hat and settled him against her shoulder, bouncing him a bit. “Just think, love. Twenty-one more years, and we’ll be here again.”

Jamie’s arm reached around his wife’s shoulder, and he kissed first her temple, then Robbie’s cheek. “I canna wait. For any of it.”

Two and a half years now since they had so happily settled in a small house just a few minutes from both Lamb and Fez and the Greys in Boston, with a spare room for Brianna on the nights she needed time away from the college dorm. Claire had kept her house in North Carolina, which still provided a steady stream of rental income.

She’d easily found another job at a hospital in Boston, to nobody’s surprise. And she’d insisted on flexible hours, to have enough time with her husband and daughter. It had taken Jamie about a year to find work - he’d had to wait for his green card, and there was the minor difficulty of his prison term to work through - and although it was a simple job as an assistant manager at the local independent bookstore, he treasured every minute of it.

As he treasured his time with Claire, and Brianna, and their ragtag extended family.

When they had realized she was pregnant at age forty-two - they prayed to the Blessed Mother every day, to keep her safe. Lamb and Fez and the Greys had been so supportive throughout - and Brianna was positively over the moon with joy.

Claire’s pregnancy had been extremely difficult. Robert John Lambert Fraser had entered the world via caesarian section two months prior to his due date - and it had been touch and go for a few weeks after that. Brianna and Jamie never left Claire’s side in the hospital, with John and Isobel and Fez and Lamb rotating in with fresh clothes and snacks.

To look at Robbie today, one would never know any of this. For he was the happiest, healthiest, most loved little boy who had ever lived.

And today he wore a onesie with the crest of the university his big sister would graduate from.

A hush settled over the crowd, and Pomp and Circumstance began to play, and the graduates began streaming in.

Jamie craned his neck -

“There she is!”

And there Brianna was - long red hair streaming down her back, bright in the sun against her light blue cap and gown.

Claire squeezed Jamie’s knee. So unspeakably proud.

Brianna turned, and waved, and her parents and uncles and baby brother cheered. Hearts bursting with happiness.


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