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This is a master list for Edinburgh to Boston. It is posted both here on Tumblr and AO3. On AO3. This is for those of you new to the story or anyone who needs to catch-up. I also write under the name of LadyJane 518 on AO3. Chapter 19 is in the works.

Thank you for reading and your interest.

Master List for Edinburgh to Boston

Chapter 1:       Edinburgh to Boston

Chapter 2       The Conversations

Chapter 3       The Flight - Part 1

Chapter 4       The Flight - Part 2

Chapter 5       The Hotel

Chapter 6       The Truth

Chapter 7       Will Ye Have Me?

Chapter 8       The Morning After

Chapter 9       Snow Day

Chapter 10   Getting To Know You

Chapter 11    Redux

Chapter 12    At The Crossroads: A Pact With The Devil

Chapter 13    The Aftermath

Chapter 14     The Argument: We Said More Than We Meant

Chapter 15     An Examination of Conscience

Chapter 16     Reach Out, I’ll Be There   

Chapter 17    With You, I’m Born Again  

Chapter 18    Ninety-six Words

I also post on AO3 as LadyJane518:  

AO3 Edinburgh to Boston

Also here is the link to my very first fic A Call From The Mayor. This is a one-shot.

Tumblr   A Call From The Mayor

AO3      A  Call From The Mayor

I am now listed on the Lallybroch Library. You can find me there too.

Thanks for reading.


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