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Chapter 41 - Happy

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With eyes half-closed against the encroaching early morning, Claire and Jamie continued where they’d left off. Kissing languidly, their hands roamed over each available surface of skin—exploring peaks and valleys, mapping nooks and crannies—while thoroughly acquainting themselves with the bony terrain of the other.

While their one night in Madeira had laid the foundations of their intimate relationship, there hadn’t been enough time to establish that physical familiarity of long-term lovers, leaving many a thing yet to learn. Every touch—unhurried, deliberate—catalogued a new texture (the bumpy roughness of elbows, the squishy softness of eyelids), sensation (the shortness of breath and prickling of soles as whiskers scraped over her belly), or reaction (the eager clenching of his buttocks and bucking of hips when her teeth fastened on his neck).

No matter how small, Claire delighted in each new discovery—marking them on her mental image of him—knowing that this time, she would be allowed to revisit; this time, they would not be parted.

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