Adjustment: Part 3


Synopsis: After a car accident, Claire Beauchamp, registered emergency room nurse and Scotland’s newest resident, is referred to a chiropractor for treatment. It’s too bad that her chiropractor, Dr. James A. Fraser, is the most handsome man she’d ever laid eyes on. Or is it?

Previously: Pt. 1, Pt. 2

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I tried not to let the fact that my doctor was just too…everything… to be real, consume my every thought and followed him towards the exam rooms. He opened the door for me and allowed me to go in first.

The exam itself didn’t take long, as far as my standards went. He obtained a round of vital signs, asked all the usual questions about my overall health and medical history. He even asked questions about, ahem… well, the usual things I as a nurse would ask a woman of childbearing age; which I noticed, rather bemusedly, my answers caused his ears turn a few shades of pink.

“So, Miss Beauchamp,” Dr. Fraser asked.

“Please, sir, call me Claire,” I replied before he could finish his sentence. I thought my hurried words might have sounded rude, but I felt too young to be called something so formal.

“Aye,” he replied, “Claire it is.”

The way he said my name…well, at that moment, I was just thankful he was a chiropractor and not a gynecologist.

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