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Egyptian communist & LGBT activist Sarah Hegazi has taken her own life in Canada. In September 2017, the Egyptian government conducted the biggest homophobic crackdown on the LGBT community in years. Sarah, among other activists, was arrested for raising the rainbow flag at a Mashrou’ Leila’s concert in Cairo. She was tortured, sexually harassed and assaulted in prison, as well as being fired from her job. The traumatic experience continued to haunt her in Canada, where she lived in exile after being granted asylum.

The above image is the suicide note she left, it reads: "To my siblings, I have tried to find salvation and I failed, forgive me. To my friends, the journey was cruel and I am too weak to resist, forgive me. To the world, you were cruel to a great extent, but I forgive you.“


“السما احلى من الارض! وانا عاوزه السما مش الارض"

“the sky is more beautiful than earth! and i want the sky not earth”

Rest in power, Sarah Hegazi!

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