EU response to latest China- Hong Kong crisis cowardly and unprincipled

EU response to latest China- Hong Kong crisis cowardly and unprincipled:


(source: the irish times | 16 jun 2020)

… It is difficult to absorb the fact that Trump and Johnson are showing more leadership than Angela Merkel. It would be extremely sad and disappointing, as she approaches the end of her political career, if her much widely and deserved respected political legacy would be tainted by her failure to do what is right by Hong Kong.

Given the gravity of the threat posed to the rights and freedoms of Hong Kong citizens, it is imperative that the EU acts now to dissuade China from its current course of action. By September it may well be too late to do anything.

This week’s plenary session of the European Parliament will debate Hong Kong. MEP’s should pressurise the EU Commission and Council into postponing the Leipzig summit if China persists in imposing national security laws in Hong Kong. However, more is required. Despite the current economic threats that we are facing arising from the current pandemic crisis, the EU still remains the most powerful trading bloc in the world. We should use that considerable economic power and join with the US, the UK, Canada and Australia in warning China that we will impose political and economic sanctions on them.

If we fail to prevent China destroying Hong Kong’s autonomy, its next target will be Taiwan and Chinese interference in that country will have even more horrific consequences for global peace and security.

by John Cushnahan Former Fine Gael MEP And European Parliament Rapporteur for Hong Kong 1997-2004.

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