THE PROPOSAL:  Chapter 13


A/N:  Well, this certainly took a turn that I didn’t expect!  I honestly had no idea where I’d take this chapter.  It’s a wee bit angsty.  But you don’t have to hide in the bathroom stall at work for this chapter.  lol!  There is another note at the end, but I won’t put it up here so as not to spoil anything.

We left off with our newlyweds doing a little bit of…er…shall we say “experimenting”?  Now on to some more domesticated stuff.


Over the next few weeks, they settled into a routine.  Jamie did chores on their farm or at Will’s.  Claire learned what she needed to know about housekeeping and cooking from Mary.  She was now mostly on her own at the house, being a fast learner.  She still enjoyed walking down to Mary’s for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie.  She was even comfortable enough having Mary over to entertain, too.  

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