samheughanswife:To set the record straight @diggsydogsquee is a habitual liar She is lying. She…


To set the record straight @diggsydogsquee is a habitual liar

She is lying. She knows NOTHING.

I have previously warned her about defaming me. She has not one shred of evidence. That what she has alleged is true.

To suggest that SiS and I were part of an elaborately executed long con is defamation. Even here in this space.

Diggsydog is known across this dash as a liar and a content thief.

Produce the truth now.

What hurts is that she wanted in with SiS. But they saw the delusion all across the net.

I sadly considered her a friend. But as I have stated before she lied to me and myaccueill repeatedly. She was caught out.

She lied and used people on a private FB group. And those members can line up here to confirm.

It stucks to be you. No closer to your truth. But hey share what Sam whispered to you at the Paris Con 2017 doll. Share publicly.

Keep talking shit about me and see what happens.

You were so pissed off that I literally pissed on your theories of multiple children with facts gathered.

Look at the Australian guidelines on cyber defamation. This is the very last warning.

Unlike you, everyone in my life knows that I’m here on tumblr. I don’t hide. I have receipts.

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