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Also, no one is speaking up about the concentration camps in Xinjiang.


The Hong Kong security law applys to two kinds of people, HongKongers and non-HongKongers (aka the rest of all of us). The Hong Kong security law is activated in two kinds of places, Hong Kong and the rest of the world. As long as you do anything the Chinese government considers hurting their feelings (meaning you can’t say anything bad about them. you can’t discuss all the murders, rapping, police brutality, their anti-human acts) they can arrest you and block your connection to your resources once you set foot on Hong Kong’s land. Even when you just want to transfer to another plane during your trip. Even when you just take a plane registered in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has just passed a law that threatens all humans but most people especially western people still don’t care. Hong Kong’s protests have become just news or “nothing serious/important as what they’re facing now” because what western people are facing are always “the most important thing” until they get bitten from the back. And western governments still can’t find the nerves to say anything bad about Chinese government’s anti-human crime, even when after the two World War you’d thought they knew better than the rest of us. But no. All the decorating talking about human rights, progressive society, love is love, but when it comes to China nothing is more important than the mass market, cheap labor, all the trade benefits the Chinese government can give you (but then we all know how they can take that back as they please, or use that as leverage, the more intertwined your government let your present get tied to China, the more dependent your future becomes to the Chinese government) And now people have yet another “good” reasons to say positive things about China or at lease stay the fake, self-protecting neutral now that the Hong Kong security law can affect basically all of us. Not hurt enough. So people still have the thinking that we can do business with the Chinese government. To earn some benefit from them in this globalized capitalism/competitive world. So people shut their mouths and their hearts. But still believe they care about human rights. Such a weird thing.

Theoretically everyone in every corner on this planet is subject to this law. Please wake up to this madness, it’s not a local issue for Hongkongers only.

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