Chapter 45 – Communication


A/N: as always, I have to communicate (are my bad puns getting better, or what? :D ) my gratitude towards you guys for supporting this story, each of you in your own way—be it as reader, kudo-er, subscriber, commenter, reblogger, recommend-er, even twitterer (or is that a tweeter?). I see all of you, and I appreciate all of you so, so much. and maybe the knowledge that your love for my story makes my days that much brighter will put a smile on your faces too <3

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Claire sighed, rubbing at her temples. “Is it me, or is it taking longer and longer for William to fall asleep these days?”

“You tell me,” Jamie chuckled, making his way over from the kitchen, carrying two mugs. “I cannae believe the wee chatterbox tried tae make us read him another story. I had trouble keeping ma eyes open halfway through the second one already. Here,” he said, holding out a mug for her.

“Yeah, me too. Thank you.”

Lavender scented fumes greeted her as she dipped her face down to blow on the gently steaming tea. She took a sip, tasting the half-spoonful of honey, warmth blooming inside of her. Spreading in tingly tendrils out from her chest to the tips of her fingers and toes, it had little to do with the hot, fragrant liquid clasped in her hands, and everything with James Fraser knowing exactly how she liked her tea without having to ask.

“It’s probably jus’ all the excitement, no?” he said, claiming his spot beside her on the couch.

Instinctively, her whole body angled towards him. “Either that, or auntie Gee has fed him enough sugar for a year.”

“Aye, or that.” Jamie smiled in that lopsided way of his and gathered her legs into his lap.

They fell into companionable silence, each sipping their brew. One hand resting on her knee and his head back against the sofa, Jamie’s gaze was fixed on William’s closed bedroom door.

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