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pres. trump sent federal troops into portland to squash the protests and they shot someone in the head with an impact round last night and shattered his skull. his blood is still on the sidewalk outside the federal courthouse. they are not like local cops and they are NOT fucking around. they carry ARs with live ammo and they are merciless. i am very sincerely scared that federal forces are going to instigate a kent state type situation by killing protesters as an example sometime between now & november and i am very scared it’s going to be here

Video of the protester who was shot being carried away by medics while bleeding everywhere (obvious TW). He is alive but was in critical condition when he arrived at the hospital & needed extensive facial + skull reconstruction surgery. At the time they shot him he was standing on the sidewalk with both hands holding a boombox above his head

Video of a federal officer kneeling on someone while he has a seizure; they did not allow medics to help him. There is word that this person may have died but afaik that is still unconfirmed

Video of federal officers chasing & assaulting medics tending to an unresponsive protester

Video of 15 feds forcibly arresting a disabled trans person and taking away their service dog for the crime of writing on the federally owned sidewalk in washable sidewalk chalk

Full live tweet thread of the night (7/11/20) with a lot more video footage, especially of the absolutely ludicrous amounts of tear gas they used


sorry for the long post—i am not sure how much national coverage this is getting and i really want people to know what’s going on here. they are behaving like an occupying army & treating citizens like enemy combatants

So the secret police are coming for citizens in the US?

oh yeah the portland protests are fucking terrifying

every night protestors gather in front of the justice center and every night the cops declare a riot and began to beat the shit out of us. the first protest i went too, only the 4th or 5th one to happen, the police were already liberally gassing, macing, and beating protestors. the city has made it “illegal” to deploy cs gas unless there is “no other viable option for crowd dispersal” and our mayor is a 3rd or 4th gen millionaire

portland has a houseless crisis with how expensive and inaccessible housing is to bipoc, low income families, and lacks adequate support for ppl who need mental health care. a lot of houseless ppl have had to migrate from their homes downtown and close to the justice center, bc they were ALSO being tear gassed every night along w the protestors- just for daring to live on the street

a young Black man named dominique dunn was murdered several days ago by a white supremcist. there is a vocal minority praising the police and wishing harm on their community memebers protesting. portland is the whitest city in america. portland is a very historically racist city with a notoriously racist police bureau. portland is currently at the highest percentage nstionwside of acts of police brutality at protests. portland is Not Doing Good right now.

also- FUCK ANDY NGO. u cannot trust any of the coverage he provides abt the state of events in portland

Who are these federal officers sent to Portland to deal with protesters?

Four federal law enforcement agencies including U.S. Marshals, Federal Protective Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Homeland Security Investigations have rotated officers through Portland since early July. The U.S. Marshals Service is the lead agency. It’s not clear how many federal officers are currently in Portland to help with protests. In addition to uniformed law enforcement, court records indicate plain-clothed federal agents have also been working the crowd.


What can federal officers do that local police can’t?

Unlike Portland police, which is subject to a court order limiting the use of tear gas, federal agents can use a variety of crowd control devices. It is not clear what type of less-lethal munitions federal officers are equipped with, although previous reporting indicates the feds have used CS or tear gas during the protests in Portland.

Who is holding federal officers accountable for their actions?

Federal law enforcement must comply with agency protocol and standards for use of force. The U.S. Marshals Services asked for an internal investigation of this weekend’s incident involving a federal officer’s use of a less-than-lethal round that struck and seriously injured a Portland protester. The case has been referred to the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General for review.

Oregon and Portland officials actively working to stop the violence from both federal and local police include:

Governor Kate Brown

State Representative and House Speaker Tina Kotek

US Senator Jeff Merkely

US Senator Ron Wyden

City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty

City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly

Mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone (register to vote, people)

They’re getting all sorts of shit about it on social media too, so follow them on Facebook and Twitter and let them know when you think they’re doing the right thing. And toss them five bucks if you can, they’re good people.

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