liusaidh-writing: EIGHTThanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Your comments/likes/etc…



Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Your comments/likes/etc keep me going! 

There is some explicit sexual content in this chapter, and perhaps some uncomfortable bits at the end, though nothing terribly graphic.

More coming soon, as always!

I don’t know how nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

Lyrics by George Harrison // While My Guitar Gently Weeps -The Beatles


Dark room, clasped hands, the sound of the crackling fire.

A fifth night in a row, they’d fallen into bed together. Making love ended in heavy sleep, neither of them untangling from the other. Now, they lay side by side, awake just before dawn. A noise had woken them both, and they soon realized it was only the wind.

Claire had unfurled slowly, hesitantly, growing more comfortable with their new situation and unwilling to let it come to an end. Dinner would end, they’d retreat to the sitting room as always, and she’d hold her breath as they sat together. They shared the couch now, she being relieved when he’d let her curl up next to him like a cat, her feet touching his leg. She’d enjoy it most when his hand would find its way to her ankle, or to the sensitive skin at the bottom of her foot. He’d rub circles there with his thumb as he rewrote lists he’d made earlier in the day of things they had, things they’d need, things he knew he could get at the old man’s shop.

On a night like tonight, after a dark day of hearing her name on the news, when she couldn’t fight the depths of depression so well, she sought solace in his closeness. She’d miss him fiercely when he wasn’t inside with her, so she’d stand at the window facing the barn, and watch for a glimpse of him.

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