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Tony must have called dibs on the window because two guys got out after she did and only then the dashing fiancé.  Off she goes to be escorted in by her friend Colbert and he walks off without a backwards glance.  She could have tripped and fallen flat on her ass for all he knew.  I’m really baffled by the true fans who think this is an okay way to run a relationship 

I’ve seen plenty of video of them, the only one where they looked at least friendly is the one with the pipe on NYE 2014/2015 after that only logs going down the river… even if we saw him being joyful and friendly with other people. I can be rudely called delusional even by some people around her but it’s better than believe that Anthony, a man who never cared about her even as a simply human being, a man who never showed a sparkle of affection even in video and pics of her friends, is the father of her child because that’s pretty sad in every way you see it.

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