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Green Tara

c. 1260s, Central Tibet
Thangka; gum tempera, ink, and gold on sized cotton
Cleveland Museum of Art, USA

The Random Delhi wrote :
For Tibetans, Green Tara is one of the preeminent figures of their Buddhist faith, a radiant savioress who embodies the female form of the perfect, enlightened mind. The Green Tara in the Cleveland thangka—a Tibetan devotional painting on cloth—specifically dispels fear and provides protection, just like her mantra inscribed on the back side of the painting. Her green color and fear-not gesture link her to the cosmic Buddha of the North, enshrined above her head. Most scholars agree that this work was painted by the celebrated Nepalese artist known as Aniko.

The tiny monastic figure under Green Tara’s right hand commissioned the painting.

Tibetan inscription in cinnabar ink on the verso: Tolerance is the most excellent asceticism; the Buddha said that ‘tolerance is the best liberation.’ Novices who harm others and cause others pain are not [true] practitioners.

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