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jens galschiot’s press release on “the pillar of shame” possible removal

(above graphic from jens galschiot’s tweet via hong kong citizen news | 4 oct 2021)

高志活震驚國殤之柱或移除 斥違人類道德 促港大重新考慮

(source: hong kong citizen news | 4 oct 2021)

Jens Galschiot, the Danish artist who created Pillar of Shame to commemorate #TiananmenCrackdown in 1989 said he was shocked by the rumoured plan of @HKUniversity University of Hong Kong to remove his artwork and called for the decision, if there is one, to be revised. 

(english headline: https://twitter.com/XinqiSu/status/1445010432545099777

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