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To Ashes

- Claire gets a bit too drunk one night, letting loose on all those years spent with Frank. -


Uummm… so, I’ve always wanted to see some sort of scene like this, where Claire just finally lets Jamie (at least him) hear about her 20 years with Frank. Something other than, “He was good to Bree!” or “He loved parts of me!” Eh. In my very humble opinion, Frank was a giant asshole, and that’s what he’ll be here in this wee ficlet. If you disagree, or see Frank differently, that’s totally fine - but I would recommend you find another story to go and read, because I’m so not having a debate regarding Frank in the comments. Also, my views on Frank are based solely on the books. And before anyone says it: YES - He was good to Bree…at least as far as we all know. He was not good to Claire, in my opinion, and this is what this story is about.

Also, maybe you were expecting something funny and lighthearted…? This isn’t that. So sorry.

If you do choose to read, thank you, and I hope you enjoy!


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