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Mural of the Cosmic Mandala
Bhutan. Punakha. Pungthang Dechen Dzong.
Third courtyard. Dukhang Sarpa assembly hall.

Linda De Volder wrote:
The Cosmic Mandala is encompassed by a flaming circle. At the Centre is a three-footed spiral symbolizing a first movement, surrounded by rotating wind which condenses into so-called basic elements, representing the states of aggregation:

- Wind or Air stands for the gaseous state

- Fire is usually depicted as a red triangle and stands for transformation

- Water for liquid, represented by a half-circle or circle

- Earth for solid matter, symbolized by a yellow square or cube.

The emerging forms of the elements are painted in the blue ring surrounding the Centre, in the lower sphere intimating the world-continents to be.

The blue Ether represents the all pervading condition, the source of all elements filling the space of the Mandala.

On it circles are drawn; looking like ellipses in their dynamic intersection, they portray the orbits of celestial bodies, painted in all the colours of the rainbow plus black and white and indicating the directions.

These twelve astrological circles of the upper sphere demonstrate the movements of sun, moon and stars in the seasons.
(via flickr: Linda De Volder)

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