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Summary: An exploration of Claire & Jamie’s story if their firstborn had lived and they had the chance to be parents together of wee Faith Fraser before the Battle of Culloden.

Chapter 23

“She’s not in labor.”

The physician’s pronouncement was rather anticlimactic, but still brought a flush of embarrassment to Claire’s face. She busied herself by straightening the folds of her skirts where she sat up in bed and hoped just once her feelings weren’t on display for all to see. The fact that the physician had said this to Jamie ‒ that he directed all of his comments to Jamie instead of her ‒ left a bitter taste in her mouth.

Between the nightmares and the flashbacks of Faith’s birth, the sudden feeling of false labor pains had sent her mind spiraling into panic. By the time she’d realized what was really happening, certain wheels were already in motion and she had been powerless to stop them, like the housemaid who had heard the commotion and fetched the physician who was a complete stranger to them.

Of course when she’d tried to explain to him that she wasn’t in active labor, that had fallen on deaf ears. Not just a stranger, but a condescending asshole…

Jamie, bless him, promptly escorted the man out as soon as he would leave, but there was still the feeling of all eyes on her as some of the house staff lingered in the room. Claire wanted to crawl right out of her skin and disappear. She’d had one moment of weakness where she let her fears get the better of her, and all this was the result.

The warm weight of Fergus’s head came to rest on her shoulder and she breathed in deeply. Her hand came up to hold him there, cradling his cheek. “It’s alright. I’m alright.”

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