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americans *see a third world country doing something progressive*: how come those disgusting SAVAGES are ahead of US???

Latinamerica in general is ahead of the USA in countless things. human rights. labor laws. education policies. healthcare. LGBT rights. decriminalization of recreational drugs. suffrage laws. welfare policies. but they’re so insistent on this image of latinamerica as this lawless wasteland of underdeveloped misery and despair that they cannot fathom the idea of us being better at something they consider progress. To them, progress is necessarily economical superiority and industrial power. everything else comes after. So if a country doesn’t have a strong industrial economy then of course they’re “inferior” in everything else.

of course, latinamerica is not a monolith, there are more than 40 counties that make up latinamerica. but if you start looking closer, you’ll find we have a lot of values in common that we do not share with the loud neighbors of the global north.

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