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From this

To this in a matter of days.

Conversations were very clearly had.

You can only keep that bow tightly strung for so long.

It didn’t change in a matter of days. She had that bio for weeks, if not a couple of months. Her account was given more visibility when Cait responded to her sister charity’s tweet. That’s when some of Cait’s fans discovered they had been blocked by a person they had never interacted with ever.

The fact that this bio stayed as long as it did before being changed is cringeworthy at best. I understand wanting to protect your family member; but going after a group of Cait’s fans in the most childish and passive agressive way shows once again that Cait and Co. (family…friends…team) have no idea how to handle her fame. The way they are at times so flippant on social media is seriously a bad look 😬😬😬

Reblog for @gastairfad comment 👏👏👏👏

I’m wondering if she will change it again with “any TV show except for Outlander”

They are not giving her a good image but if Caitriona is “happy” ok…

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