kanbukai.com 2021-11-25 11:08:54

He wants people to talk about it…

It all seems too staged and forced and not private….girls that live far away, meet ups away from home…whatever.. the girls never last

Ok, you go with it, and think, yeah he probably gets together with a few but nothing serious and just sleeps around and you try not to read into obvious behaviors, because it is ridiculous to be constantly thinking they are doing it for the Fandom…why would he do that

But then these red flags jump out everywhere….mysteriously leaked pics that are clearly not current, to set up a meet up a few days later, away from home, that they will GPS…. is just so not organic

And then, it’s hard not to couple it with Cait making a surprise London appearance as well…

These are not coincidences anymore, these are well established patterns that I strive to ignore, because well, who would stage this…but it is really hard to do so when things fit a very publicly staged pattern so cleanly and so consistently

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