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Chapter Seven ‘X Marks the Spot’

Claire was beyond bored, trapped in close quarters with a chicken, an impish child, and a delirious man who fancied himself Romeo, though luckily he never stayed awake long enough to truly annoy her, or remember his pleadings. All of the food went to Jamie and Claudel. Her bones felt weary from the inattention. She was anxious too, what if they had missed a rescue during the storm, while cooped up under a poor imitation of Pride Rock? When finally pushed to her limits, she rooted through Jamie’s suitcase, daring him to tell her no. She pulled out his blank leather journal and clicked the pen accompanying it nervously with her thumb.

20 April

With the lack of female presence here, I have lost my mind, resorting to conversation with a fucking chicken. Surely she’d take my side over the men? No, she completely detests me with every fibre of her being, down to that scrawny little neck that I could snap with hardly any effort. Yet she hangs onto every little word of Jamie’s, and he’s not even in his right mind. That little slut. I’m this close.

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