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imagine you’re a fifth-grade teacher and one day a crow just flies into your classroom, steals some food, sits on some kid’s head, and shouts “fuck off”

What asshole snitched!?

No, the story is even better than that! This crow lives outdoors, but he has a human family that rescued and raised him as a chick. He is highly vocal because he talks to his humans regularly.

They have some judgy neighbors though, who didn’t love foulmouthed Cosmo, and who secretly captured him and took him to an animal rescue. He was eventually released far from from home.

When he came to this school? When he walked through all the classrooms telling the kids “what’s up?” and “I’m fine”? He was looking for someone who could help him find his family.

“He went to the only kid I know in Allen Dale and knocked on the door,” Shattuck said. That was the fifth-grade classroom where Cosmo found snacks. That night, when the kid relayed the story of the talking crow to his father, the father called Shattuck. Colpron went the next day to collect Cosmo.

Cosmo’s home now, he was welcomed back and fed sardines, he doesn’t visit the traitor neighbors anymore, and those kids got to take part in a wonderful story about friendship, corvid intelligence, and Christmas magic.

Link to the full story: https://www.oregonlive.com/trending/2021/12/friendly-foul-mouthed-crow-befriends-entire-oregon-elementary-school-before-state-police-are-called-in.html

Raise your hand if you would also watch the crap out of a heartwarming TV movie version of Cosmo the Christmas Crow.

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