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What if Jamie and Claire weren’t forced to consummate their marriage. Instead, they sat and stewed in their feelings until a snowstorm forced them to take shelter and huddle together for warmth, shedding their storm-soaked clothes and sharing a bed together to avoid succumbing to the cold.

She’s been married for a few months now, well to Jamie Fraser that is. Her life with Frank seems so distant. The memories are faded, fuzzy and flat. The guilt she carries with her, but the rest of her feelings, the ones she knows she had, has for Frank feel foreign to her now. She wears his ring still, but it’s a weighted reminder, a tether to the life she’s not sure she even wants to return to.

Sometimes she tricks herself into believing Frank has moved on, that he is happy without her to assuage her guilt. But it is a selfish lie, one often concocted when she’s left wanting Jamie, wanting to act on her inappropriate, but not unrequited, feelings.

He has always wanted her, since their very first embrace at Leoch when her place in his lap had him rising to attention. Then there was that kiss at the wedding. That kiss that haunts her dreams, that she longs to repeat. While she was happy at the time he didn’t make her bed him on their wedding night, she’d be lying if she said she didn’t want to now. Shouldn’t but does.

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