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Well, hey there dear readers! Hope y'all had a great Christmas!

I’m on Christmas vacation, adulting is all done, family is all gone home, and my time is my own again! So, prepare yourselves, y'all. I’ll be writing like a fiend again!

Like so many of us here, life has taken a turn as we all deal with the backlash of Covid. My job keeps me busy on a regular basis, but it’s absolutely *exhausting* now. I come home from work, eat supper, and fall asleep in my chair most nights. The weekends are spent doing the chores I ignore all week and trying to fix food for us to eat through the week so we don’t eat 100% junk (or take out). That leaves little free time for writing.

Thank y'all so much for sticking in there with me as my updates are way less than regular. Thanks for the messages checking on updates and reminding me that y'all are still thinking of me and hoping for more of this story. I won’t be giving up on it. I will finish it…it just might come slower and with no regularity.

If you’d like to follow me on Tumblr, I give updates on my writing here. Or you can subscribe to me on AO3.

So, get a snack, maybe a glass of sweet tea (or hot cocoa, if it’s as cold as it is here!) and enjoy the next chapter. Thanks for reading!

Our story picks up right where it left off after Jamie and Claire…er…get horizontal.


Clicky here for Chapter 7 on Ao3

She faded in and out of a muzzy dream.

She lay upon a deserted beach at night. Water lapped over her, cooling her heated skin. But the water’s fingers only touched small parts of her body at a time. She longed to immerse herself in the water and let it engulf her, but the water refused to comply.

A trickle here.

A drip there.

The water spoke her name.


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