kanbukai.com 2022-01-08 22:40:39

Lol lol

Yeah, she kind of deserves that embarrassing ridiculous nonsense detail brought up at every promo interview from now till Oscars

And segments like that embarrassing ET LIve segment lol Did they mention her acting or Belfast or nominations at all? Nope

They actually went on how they like to ship and talked about couples who were actually together asking people who they would like to see date in real life lol 😆 😅

Very serious actress image like lol …NOT

But maybe she will have to shut it down eventually like she did with that Irish talk show host…

He asked her about Tony, naturally thinking it was ok to discuss after she announced her engagement to People Mag at GGs. You don’t get a more public engagement announcement than that…

Then she said he was shy and he didn’t like people talking about him…

The host was annoyed with her lol

Oh well, she got what she wanted, being acknowledged for trashy HW gossip

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