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Reply to Militant Cait Stan

Since Tumblr doesn’t allow you to answer someone and then block them, I’ll say this to your snotty little comment about why is this in London or why I didn’t answer your question about my personal experience.

Fuck off. I don’t owe you any specifics about my personal life because I’m not the one asking people to pay to see my TV show, movies, give money to my cause of the day or charity that i sometimes remember I support.

They likely premiered in London to promote StarzPlayUK as they outbid Amazon for UK rights and need to show an ROI. They have invested way too much money to expand StarzPlay in Europe and have admitted they aren’t getting a good return. Not a great thing when you’re up for sale. That’s a no-brainer.

I didn’t care where she was going to be until she insulted our intelligence again and played victim to a fandom filled with women- many of whom had to make a lot of sacrifices as a working mother with a tenth of her resources or time off.

I’m probably more annoyed at the continued incompetence shown by her and her team in fan interaction and commentary. If I cared more, I would feel bad that she’s surrounded herself with such incompetence and hasn’t been able to kick them to the curb. But she pays them and they are making the mistake of listening to the stans like you, who won’t question anything. As a great CEO of a company I know once said “listen to the complainers, that’s how you fix the most important things”.


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