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Hey, look at the back of T’s head while he’s chatting with one of Cait’s best friends, Domenica Dunlap, and they seem so chatty and then Cait turns to Domenica and asks her to dance! Forget shy hubby, it’s girls night!

Cait dances with her girlfriends and her movie son but not T. Lolol clearly he’s on the clock as her PA.

Video courtesy of Kat McNamara IG post

No matter how hard they try to sell Tait they just fail. It gets worse the more they try. This is pure entertainment 👌😂


But but but they have a baby at home and how can you not understand they can’t travel to attend events like they used to???  Don’t you see they were not enjoying themselves when they were standing apart, dancing / swaying separately, maskless, they were having a hard time leaving their baby at home? It was such a difficult time for them.

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