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Thoughts about the pap walk dating show

Most fairy tales begin with “Once upon a time”.

It is similar with the latest “dating fairy tale” that people are trying to sell us.

Once upon a time there was a Sam who managed for months not to be seen during his first time in NYC last year, nor in LA in December/January, nor during the shooting of MIK 2 in Australia. Who visited stadiums and saw games of which there were no pictures at all except for the selfies and “public” photos.

Now it happens that he is suddenly so famous overnight that paparazzi see and recognize him first at lunch and then while walking with a mysterious woman and, at least that’s what they want to sell us, follow him wherever he goes during this time.

Who during the whole preceding dating show with the little blonde in London and Paris was not even seen kissing and that where so many videos randomly appeared at that time.

Well, now it has happened, the prince has decided to kiss his “princess” in a public place. Stupid only that this kiss looks about too authentic, like his kissing scene with Mila Kunis. It’s also stupid that he doesn’t look happy at all, no, he even looks pretty pissed off in all the photos.

It’s also stupid that this kiss apparently made him sweat so much that he had to change clothes afterwards. Or maybe the two were shopping in between (which of course was not recorded by the paparazzi) and he decided to wear the new clothes right away. That would also explain the bag his companion is carrying.

Also funny is the changing nature of the drinks Sam consumes during the walk.

But maybe I have no idea how this whole paparazzi story works and it’s really the case that a) he was accompanied by the photographer all the time without realizing it or b) the photographer ambushed him on the 2 days, that would at least explain the clothing issue.

And all this happens shortly after Gareth accidentally posted the video with the baby.

Does this sound credible? Rather less, many fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm sound more realistic.

Genuine questions:

Why this happened right after the first episode of S6 aired?

Why this happened right before SC are finally working together in LA?

Why this happened when the century-long Belfast promos are coming to the end?

Why it is an exclusive and asks readers to stay tuned?

Will SH retweet this? Will CB retweet this?

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