kanbukai.com 2022-04-15 09:55:07

I think Anons are just freaked out because what many took as canon during hiatus has proven not to be the case…

A baby and 7 months of Belfast promo didn’t induce Tait to show a great love

Sam’s girls have turned out to be a bust, more so than usual to be honest

Cait and Sam have not been edited together into S6 scenes which they filmed separately, they actually did film scenes together

Tony didn’t sub for Sam in kissing scenes with Cait

Cait and Sam did actually film some romantic scenes together

Cait and Sam seem to be touching and laughing together like normal people when cameras are not rolling

Of course most of these theories were unreasonable and never going to be true, but you know, they raise expectations and then are later disappointed and then have to take out their frustrations somewhere…

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