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the best thing that we can do right now to fight for abortion rights is donating to your local abortion fund, especially in states with “trigger laws” or laws that will immediately take harsh measures to shut down abortion rights as soon as roe is overturned. If you don’t know your local abortion fund or states with trigger laws, here’s one in Texas, one in Louisiana, one in Georgia, one in West Virginia and one in Mississippi (all states with such “trigger laws”). There’s so many more beyond the handful i just listed here but times like these are the time to donate and support the incredible work that these organizations do for their communities. 

sorry, better version of this post: here is the national abortion fund archive where you can find your local abortion fund and here’s an article from the cut about abortion funds explaining which states are trigger law states and the specific regulations around abortion they have (also links abortion funds themselves at the bottom) 

supporting local/state abortion funds is a priority but I also sent some money tonight to repro legal defense fund, which covers bail costs and defense fees for people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for self-managed abortion.

you may also want to familiarize yourself (and people you know in states with trigger laws as well as currently existing TRAP laws) with resources on safe self-managed abortion; SASS and Abortion On Our Own Terms are both good places to start.

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