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Hi! I had a couple of decent (busy!) Sundays. Co-taught a first communion class series and then we’ve been in that “sweet spot” weather-wise so have been trying to get outside before it’s too hot. I hope yours have been good as well.

To your question, I’ve taken some time to re-watch and take an obnoxious number of screenshots from the episodes - I included scenes from 6.02 and 6.04 as well to paint a more complete picture. Then I disregarded what I’d seen, visited the script pages, and thought about the storylines and what the conversations with my co-star and the director may have looked like if we were #1 and #2 on the call sheet and producers of the show we’d been part of for 8 years. This is a bit of a deep-dive so It’ll be behind a cut so if it’s not your cup of tea scroll on by no hard feelings.

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