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Just What the Doctor Ordered – A Downhill Ficlet

A/N: Here we FINALLY are.
Not so much a celebratory anniversary ficlet anymore, but I still hope y'all will enjoy. It took me forever to put together, but I do love how it turned out.

Prepare for some (hopefully) sexy times!

This ficlet has not been beta’d, so please excuse any errors that might have slipped through my vigorous editing.

[gifted this time to 2 of my longest-running and most loyal of readers–I appreciate you so much <3]

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A Downhill Ficlet – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Whisky eyes followed the brand-new minivan’s license plate as it went past the stone arch and down the alder-framed driveway. Even after it was well out of view, Claire lingered at the topmost window. Only when she was confident that Brian and her sons wouldn’t be stomping back up the flagstone steps any time soon, did she grab her phone and sent off a text. Innocent enough to look at, that message set a plan into motion that had begun to form the instant she realised she’d have the family estate to herself.

One hand resting atop the still-small but steadily expanding bump of her belly, Claire’s other toyed with a brontosaurus-shaped paperweight. The latest addition to Ellis’s ventures into non-dangerous handicrafts was a particularly violent shade of green, ornamented with googly eyes that made her smile every time she caught a glimpse of it sitting at her desk. Fingertips moving restlessly along its lumpy spine, she fixated on the grandfather clock across the room. One, two, three, four .

Any minute now.

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