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[Image of the “The Tower” tarot card. Shown on the card is a gray tower standing on a hill. The tower is being struck by lightening setting the tower on fire and causing the crown that sat atop the tower to fall. A man and a woman with expressions of fear are leaping from the the tower to avoid that fire.]

Recently I was doing a spread on why a plan that I had made with someone else utterly failed for the third time. When I asked the cards, “how do we get back on track?” I pulled The Tower. I was confused at first because I’m like how is disaster supposed to fix the plan??? Then after talking with the person I made the plan with they admitted to me that they weren’t happy with the way the plan was being carried out and they would have much rather gone with another option we had but didn’t tell me that because they didn’t want to disappoint me.  We had a long discussion that telling me what they think I want to hear get both of us nowhere and leaves both of us disappointed.

After they told me that I realized what the Tower meant, honesty. The way I interpret the Tower is about being honest not only with yourself but also with others. The Tower shows that there is a lack of honesty somewhere whether it is a lie you tell yourself or a lie from others. Please please please be honest in your relationships, if you can it can save you lots of headaches and Towers down the road. Conflict avoidance does not avoid conflict it only delays it.

( This post does not apply If you are in a situation were being honest will cause you harm, do want need to do to stay safe)

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