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[Image of the “The Tower” tarot card. Shown on the card is a gray tower standing on a hill. The tower is being struck by lightening setting the tower on fire and causing the crown that sat atop the tower to fall. A man and a woman with expressions of fear are leaping from the the tower to avoid that fire.]

Although there are no cards that “should” be feared in tarot, but many people fear The Tower. Just looking at the card gives most people the feeling that it can’t mean anything good. 

I’ve had a run-in with The Tower which was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I grew up with one of my parents being a paranoid narcissist, they controlled and dictated not only my life but also my other parent. I was raised on the idea that you should be ready to backstab anyone at any time because no one could be trusted. I was taught that the world was a dangerous place and that you shouldn’t leave the house because no one is worth your time anyway. That parent purposely isolated me away from my other family that they knew would have stepped in and put a stop to their bullshit. They were incredibly manipulative and abusive. The Tower came into my life as I was beginning to realize what my parent was. As I learned about what The Tower meant coupled with the fact it kept jumping out at me, I realized I had let my whole life be dictated by a person who had created a total illusion about the world and would abuse me anytime I questioned them. The Tower showed me that my life was a lie and that was incredibly painful to realize but it opened a door to truth. That night I realized this, The Tower and The Devil were displayed on my alter. To symbolize the falsehood coming down and the reclamation of my own power. Now that parent does not have nearly as much power over me or my other parent. The Tower the abusive parent told us was built on stable foundations, has crumbled and they have nowhere to stand. 

When The Tower falls it can be extremely painful, but when you see the Tower you can choose to take it as an invitation to start deconstructing it. Once the Tower has been disassembled you can build an even better one on a more stable foundation.

(Everyone has a different interpretation of the cards this is my personal experience with them. )

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