The Man from Black Water, Chapter 1


A/N  Thanks to everyone who voted in my unofficial straw poll.  As you can see, I’ve decided to write the Outlander / Man from Snowy River crossover next, mostly because it requires the least amount of planning or research.  You can thank 38cm of fresh snow and a busted knee for the fact I churned out this first chapter so quickly.  Subsequent chapters should arrive at a rate of 2 or 3 per week.

For those not familiar with The Man from Snowy River, it was a movie released in 1982, set in frontier Australia.  This might seem like the least likely contender for a crossover, and maybe it is, but Jim Craig, the protagonist of the film, and Jamie Fraser share a lot of similarities, as do Jessica Harrison and Claire.  Plus, I just really love the film.  It’s pure rom-com fluff with a side of horses and history - what’s not to love?

For those who do know the movie, I have essentially shifted it to 1880s Scotland and made the necessary adjustments, plus a few extra twists to keep things fresh.  I will include a full character mapping in the notes on Ao3, if you’re interested.

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