Where the Love-light Gleams


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12 Days OL Ficmas 2022

I’ll be home for Christmas;

You can plan on me.

Please have snow and mistletoe

And presents on the tree.

Christmas eve will find me

Where the love-light gleams.

I’ll be home for Christmas

If only in my dreams.


“Mam? Mama?”

Claire groaned. “Go back to sleep.”

It was Brianna’s voice from the other side of the bed. It was always Brianna who woke up first, but it was Faith who had tucked herself so close to Claire during the night that she’d had hardly any space. Claire felt a twinge in her neck when she shifted slightly, trying to get comfortable with an entire four-and-a-half-year-old still stuck to her like glue.

Half-asleep and reluctant to rise, Faith tried to burrow into her, as if they weren’t close enough as it was. Claire gave in and wrapped her arms around the girl, cuddling her as close as she could.

“Mama?” Bree again. Claire heard the blankets rustling and then her voice was much closer. “Mam?”

Claire could hear the smile in Brianna’s voice and some of her usual morning gruffness melted away. She cracked one eye open to see her baby’s soft smile turn dazzlingly bright as soon as she caught Claire’s gaze.

God, they were so sweet and endearing when ruining her sleep — and if Jamie were here, he would’ve played the part of the buffer, especially with Bree, and Claire wouldn’t even be tempted to boot the children out of their bed just to sleep a little longer.

That Jamie wasn’t here was the only reason she’d let them stay, though…

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