kanbukai.com 2023-01-21 10:18:00

Dude no idea, because for me:

-I don’t hold my platonic co-star’s hand in interviews.

-I definitely don’t hold my platonic costar’s hand in interviews when we’re being shipped together but don’t want to be to the point that we without a doubt manage to slip in to interviews at least twice/year how uncomfortable we are with being shipped together.

-Nuance: sometimes being flirtatious and playing up chemistry generates buzz and we lean in to that for the press, especially early on. However:

-When I’m being shipped with someone and don’t want to encourage it for whatever reason, I ignore talk of it altogether to prevent a Streisand effect.


-No I don’t “ship” them together, as that makes me uncomfortable.

-Yes I have opinions that if you’ve read between the lines this last year will be obvious.

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