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<p>I started watching Outlander this year and I was kinda aware of how many people shipped Samcait but I tried not to give in. I was just seeing things for how they were on the surface (she’s married etc) but then I started digging and WTF. Absolutely nothing makes sense and here I am. Lol I’m not bothered by the pathetic Hawaii stunt but I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that she got married, how is she ever getting out of that considering she keeps mentioning her “hubby” and sis in law? </p>

My wise friend @cb4tb says they wouldn’t have entered into such a thing without an exit plan and that makes sense to me. The sister in law is her brothers wife, her husband’s name is only ‘hubby’ and there was nothing about that remarkable weekend that wasn’t fishy as hell. Not one single thing. Wait and watch.

<p>Sam never talks about who he’s dating why is Catriona always talking about it? I mean I know why but it’s easily one of the most irritating things about this entire situation. If he himself isn’t it mentioning it she should just talk about herself in her relationship.</p>

I would tell you why but writing the script yada yada

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Same energy

The amount of privilege in this photo has embarrassed me to the point that I simply do not want to be a human being anymore.

Oh my fucking God learn to cut your own hair you entitled pricks.

“massage is essential” Not during a fucking pandemic, Karen.

This seems like a good time to share this.

“Let us get our teeth cleaned” what are you, a horse? You’ve got a toothbrush at home yeah? Please?

Note that not a one of these people has a sign that says “LET ME CUT SOMEONE’S HAIR” or “I NEED TO RENT OUT GOLF CARTS” or “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ALL I WANT TO DO IS SCOOP ICE CREAM FOR PEOPLE.”

None of these people are demanding *their own* right to work. That’s telling.

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