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Javier y Geraldine, tango en Niño bien

One of my favorite places in Buenos Aires, and one of my favorite couples.

Niño Bien is magical 2022-04-15 23:23:40


Noelia Hurtado y Carlitos Espinoza – Lyon Tango Festival, 2017 2022-04-15 23:18:21


Kyiv’s tango partners refuse to let war slow passion for dancing

Tango at its best 2022-04-15 23:17:16


Noelia Hurtado & Carlitos Espinoza – Lyon Tango Festival, 2017 2022-04-15 23:11:20


On entrega in tango, “If you surrender to each other, a oneness is
created. What I am feeling, somehow she is feeling it too. To dance
tango like this is beautiful, very beautiful.” Rudolfo Diperna. Original
image of San Telmo’s famous Pochi and Osvaldo by Brigitte Werner on
Pixabay. . 2022-04-15 23:08:39

thevisualvamp:One of my favorite couples. Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne.

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