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You know Anon… I’ll laugh about it, like I always do 🤣

It’s ridiculous to pay for an article to remind this fandom that Caitríona is married… 🤦🏻‍♀️

But it’s time for them to promote the same old issues for this fandom to discuss about… And for them to reinforce the image of the woman married to the successful man (cough cough) with a happy family. It’s the kind of thing that only pops up during the off-season/vacation and promo.

Wouldn’t it be easier to act like a normal person (yet secretive about her personal life like these actresses)?!

And what’s the logic of saying that C doesn’t post about Tony on her personal Instagram account because he’s “shy” and “reserved” and she respects him, when she allows several articles to be published talking about him?

The worst part is knowing that “this circus” has been going on for a long time, not just to hide something, but more to keep us trapped here… Shippers, non-shippers and curious people discussing theories and beliefs, making fun of each other, and even fighting over two actors. Because if there wasn’t all this madness, who would be talking about Caitríona (and Sam)?! Who would be “buying” everything about them and making their names pop up constantly on social media?

And in “this circus” Caitríona and Sam are partners in crime again! 😉

But it’s sad that actors have to come to this point… Especially the good ones like Caitríona and Sam. 😕

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