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Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong

Explosive summer of discontent is brewing in Hong Kong:


endless darkness. but we have to fight on. 

(source: washington post | 20 may 2020) “We are now at the end of Hong Kong as we know. [Beijing is] telling Hong Kong people that it can do anything it wants, at whatever cost, and that it couldn’t care less about the consequences.”

… As the activists appeared in court this week ahead of trial, hundreds of supporters gathered outside, along with a smaller pro-Beijing group calling them “traitors.”

Among the supporters was David ­Cheung, 71, who was carrying a sign that read: “Carrie Lam has ruined Hong Kong. We will struggle until we are dead.”

I am not afraid. I will do whatever it takes and try my best to fight for my home,” Cheung said. “The Chinese Communist Party needs to learn that the more they suppress us, the more insistent we are, the more we will fight back.

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