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I was thinking about this last night, and thought I’d share my thoughts on Sam, Cait, shipping, and the only people who even compare to them (in my limited pop culture knowledge, anyway!) 

And who are these people? Well, the people who started it all, of course. 

And by ‘it’, I mean Shipping as a thing that exists. (If you don’t know the history behind Shipping, I’d be happy to explain!) 

Anyway, their chemistry is just..explosive. And they don’t even have any explicit sex scenes in The X-Files. There is IMPLIED sex in like, ONE episode (All Things), and perhaps a little in the movies? I can’t recall, because it’s been a while since I watched those, though I do know in I Want to Believe they lived together.) ANYWAY THIS IS ABOUT REAL LIFE, NOT MULDER AND SCULLY. So…

They did promo for the X-Files, doing photoshoots like the one above, and these:

Are these engagement photos? No, it’s just promo, but I’ll be damned if they don’t look hella cozy. Anyway, beyond Mulder and Scully, David and Gillian were shipped as well. HARD.  My GOD, it is nearly impossible to think otherwise that at least in the early years… *whispers* they fucked – probably more than once. Gillian Anderson, especially oozes this sexuality that I’d pay good money to have. Anyway, the point is: you can tell JUST by watching them on screen, by watching them at events, etc, that they have this… tactile relationship that screams HEY, WE’VE FUCKED. (I do not believe they ever were together romantically, I believe their relationship was purely sexual.)   Here they are at some events… they’re touching, yes, but you can tell they’re not romantically involved at all. They’re just fond of one another as friends at this point.

That kiss right there? The kiss of a friend. For SURE. (It was at a live show where David was playing his horrible music and GA came to see him. It was sweet, and everyone went AWWWW, but it’s clear – they are not together.)

So, what the effing eff does this have to do with Sam and Cait? Well… Sam and Cait blew my mind, okay? I came here in Freaking January of THIS YEAR (2021) and had ZERO KNOWLEDGE about S&C, Shippers, Antis,etc. But I just watched, observed, read what I could, and made up my own mind. 

They take Gillian and David’s chemistry and ramp that shit up to like 10,000. 

The bedroom eyes, the BTS touching/kissing/etc., the secret looks, the flustered giggling, the secret language. I’m not blind, I’m not stupid, and I swear to God, if I had that kind of connection with someone I don’t think I could deny myself that person?! 

So, anyway, I will wrap this shit post up and hope that you understand this is all in good fun. If you do not agree, please scroll on by. I also promise not to begin making shippery posts a regular thing on my blog. Still focusing mostly on Fic. 

I will leave you with this because, why the hell not. (all images via google search.)

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