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“I worked for a financial services company in northern China.  I really wanted Hong Kong to be a light for the Chinese people to see democracy in our system.  And that’s why I got in trouble.  I downloaded some pictures of the protest onto my phone, and shared them on my personal social media.  But somehow the management of my company found out.  My boss wanted me to quit my job and sign a letter of regret.  He’d written it out for me.  But I refused, and he fired me.  He sent a letter to the whole office saying I was anti-country.  The next day the local police came to my door.  They took my blood, and my photo, and my fingerprint, and my palm print.  They charged me with ‘provoking troubles.’  It’s a crime that doesn’t require strong proof.  It’s a pocket they can put anyone in.  They made me sign a letter promising never to provoke troubles again.  And if I do, next time it won’t just be the local police who knock on my door.”
(Hong Kong)

Hong Kong – jesus this destroyed me.

THIS IS HAPPENING. Pay attention to the stuff that effects human life all over this world !?!? World is pretty fucked right now and we could use all the help we could get.’ 

PS someone has to know you personally in order to gaslight you.. Move on.

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